Sep 05


LESSONS FROM A FATHER AND A TEACHER India on the 5th of September every year (since 1962) honours one of its most illustrious sons, the former President Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan by celebrating his birthday, designating the day as Teacher’s Day. Dr.Radhakrishnan was a tireless academic, a renowned philosopher and a selfless teacher. Every one of us …

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Jul 22

‘On Pietersen’ – Tribute to a Flawed Genius

Kevin Peter Pietersen’s life both on and off the sacred turf has been a confluence of contradictory ‘Os’. A febrile blend of outrageous talent, outlandish makeovers, outstanding athleticism and an outspoken personality colluded to make this mercurial cricketer one of England’s best ever talent. However the one defining ‘O’ that has continued to hang over …

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May 22

Markonomics – An exercise in exelcis

Mark Waugh was a medley of infinite grace and glorious talent. He was also the purveyor of the image of a preternaturally disinterested cricketer. Whether gently dispatching clueless bowlers to all corners of the ground, or miraculously catching disbelieving batsmen out of the game, he lent a curious impression of having found himself in the …

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Apr 10


Minimalist in his eloquence, and magnificent in his stillness, Richard “Richie” Benaud redefined the world of cricketing entertainment. Unassuming and unpretentious, he was to the sporting media what Donald Judd was to art. His demise marks not only the end of the proverbial epochal era, but also the passing of clarity – a clarity that …

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Mar 29

Gold, Green and a Silver to Boot – Australia’s Appetite For Destruction

Following a shambolic Ashes debacle in 2013, Matt Prior did not mince any words in assessing his team’s failure to turn up during the series. Bemoaning a spineless display by England, Prior opined that, England had finished ‘third’ in a two horse race. The Australian version of cricket has always been characterized by the laudable …

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Mar 26


THE SYDNEY SEND-OFF   March 1st 1992, Brisbane: The 12th match of the 1992 World Cup was turning out to be a real cliff hanger due to the impudent intervention of rain. Even if this was the pre-Duckworth Lewis era, the absurdity of the calculations left no one in doubt. A mere 15 minutes of rain …

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Mar 24

Rain God Redux – The Protea Curse

The Proteas need to desperately assuage the Rain God of their presumed innocence. The Maker of Storms seems to be nursing a wrath that is singularly peculiar, and unerringly directed towards a successive bunch of hard working and talented South African cricketers. If in the year 1992, the visage of McMillan morosely facing up to …

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Feb 22

Dreamy Eyes and Daring Deeds

Twitter trolls and Facebook fanatics alike had a field day, when riding high upon the back of (yet) another World Cup victory against a diminished arch-rival Pakistan, Dhoni’s men upset the apple cart by routing the much vaunted Proteas of AB De Villiers. While Shikhar Dhawan’s flamboyance contrived with a miracle bowling effort to stun …

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Dec 13


The word ‘Chutzpah’ is derived from the Yiddish language and denotes the quality of audacity, for good or for bad. India and Australia epitomized this audacity in incredible measure in the nail biting test match concluded today at the Adelaide Oval. Michael Clarke, to the best of my knowledge is bereft of the gift of …

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Dec 12


Humaniform Robots have served their time well. However the time has come for the mechanical marvels to step aside and for flesh and blood to step up and hold its own. Exit Chitti (till an equally admirable ramped up version is conceived), Enter LINGAA! A legion of loyal and impatient fans have been waiting with …

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