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Fully Connected – Julia Hobsbawm

A finalist for the 2018 Business Book Awards, “Fully Connected” (“the book”) by the Honorary Visiting Professor at Cass Business School and at the University of Suffolk, Ms. Julia Hobsbawm, “Fully Connected” lends a desperately needed perspective to a world immersed, enmeshed and entangled in a plethora of networks. As Ms. Hobsbawm painstakingly, albeit eruditely …

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“The Meanderers” is a compelling coming of age novel that captures in a vivid manner, the diverse perspectives of life viewed through the prism of its protagonist. The story of Om Vats is an epigrammatic agglomeration of triumphs and tribulations. The paradigm shifts in attitudes, deeds and outlook that form the underlying essence of Om’s …

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Agony and Ecstasy at the Kinrara – An Asia Cup Finals in Malaysia

The beat of the drums reached a frenzied crescendo as the Indian Captain Harmanpreet Kaur trotted in to bowl the last ball of the 2018 Asia Cup Women’s Cricket Finals. Jahanara Alam, who an hour and a half earlier had distinguished herself with the ball for Bangladesh waited, watching the trajectory of the ball. For …

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KAALA –Voice of the Proletariat

Revenge of the Proletariat, rage of the bourgeoisie, a polysemous reference to the legitimacy of Jean Jacques Rousseau ‘s social contract all layer over one another and fold backwards before forming an interesting pastiche of a common man’s revolution in Ranjith’s latest Rajini flick, “Kaala”. I personally am not aware of Ranjith’s political inclinations, but …

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Eleven Gods and a Million Indians – Boria Majumdar

For the typical Indian, cricket is the metaphor that signifies the machinations of everyday life; a metaphysical avenue for compensating personal and professional inadequacies and more than anything else a magnet whose inescapable lure may, at the most be resisted but never overcome. Cricket is escapism; cricket is assurance; cricket is the all-encompassing panacea that …

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You’re More Powerful Than You Think – Eric Liu

The recent imposition of trade tariffs by an obstinate Trump administration and the reciprocating adverse measures announced by his Mexican and Canadian counterparts (with the EU sure to soon follow suit) has not only triggered a global concern about an impending trade war but has also set off a panic whose potential backlash could be …

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My Friend Joanne

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”   Elbert Hubbard Elbert Hubbard neither knew Joanne Chan Ming Choo nor me but it seems as if the quote which emanated from him was directed at the two of us. For in spite of all my eccentricities, quirks and unpredictable oscillations in …

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Captain Marvel in Malaysia – A foreigner’s perception of GE14

Any foreigner touring or residing in Malaysia in the month of May 2018, could be forgiven for unwittingly suspecting that Captain Marvel of the Avengers fame had manifested in Kuala Lumpur – taking the capital city by storm – in person and way ahead of the much touted release year of 2019-20. Only, this particular …

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Brother Odd – Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz starts off like a sleek and racy Shanghai Maglev, loses momentum in between but still maintaining the look and feel of a Shinkansen, before finally losing steam and sputtering to a huffing and puffing halt like a lumbering freight train. Odd Thomas seeking solace and serenity from a troubled mind, find himself in …

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Girl On The Train – Paula Hawkins

 If you intend your work to sell 40 million copies, get translated into multiple languages and even after years of its publication, continue to be the talk of many a town, it better be good. Paula Hawkins’ book is just that – and more! “Girl On The Train” (“the book”) is not just good, it’s …

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