Jun 28

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Annika and the Blue Bouncy Rubber Ball

I am a bouncy blue rubber ball rolling on the floor

Annika please pick me up but don’t throw me out the door

If you want to see me bounce, fling me against the wall

I will keep coming back to you whenever you call


You can watch me coming down if you throw me up in the air

But please catch me baby as dropping me down is not fair

We can go to the flowery garden and in the grass I will hide

Hold me softly as you sleep or place me by your pillow’s side


Play with me Annika, play with me day and night

Play with me in bright sunshine and in happy moonlight

Promise me my dear friend that you will forget me not

For the blue bouncy rubber ball was the first toy that you got!




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maniacal penchant for books, more books, still more books and lot more books - When I am not watching cricket that is! Love my Scotch and scribble for fun!


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  1. sudeshna

    just got to read this! awesome! :D hope lots more to come

    1. Venkat

      Thank you so much!

  2. Sujata

    very cute….you should write stories for kids

  3. Sujata

    very cute..you shud write more for kids…short stories like

    1. Venkat

      Hey Sujata! Thanks a ton! Your confidence in me is a bit of an exaggeration, although I will surely try!!! :-) Thanks a ton for the feedback.

  4. Charou

    Great Going Venkat…love this!!

    1. Venkat

      Hey Charou! Thanks a ton! :-)

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