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An idle mind is undoubtedly a freewheeling devil!

Nov 04

SKYFALL – High up above

The latest Bond flick begins with an exhilarating chase sequence involving a variety of conveyances, beginning with cars, heightening with bikes and ultimately culminating on the top of a train. The chase is a disaster –physically for 007; politically for the MI6 and catastrophically for a whole horde of NATO agents operating under cover in …

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Jul 21

Drought, Divinity and Daftness – Karnataka Government misses the woods for the trees

The State of Karnataka is experiencing the worst drought ever in the last 42 years. The Government, in response has allocated a whopping sum of Rs.17 crores to approximately 35,000 temples spread across the state for collectively engaging, indulging and appeasing the rain gods. It would pose a veritable challenge for any sane individual to …

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Jul 13

Inglorious Guwahati – The Detritus of Shame and Sullenness

On the night of 12th of July, 2012, the city of Guwahati was jolted out of its idyllic reverie. An unsuspecting and helpless student of Class 11 was divested of all her dignity by a rambunctious group of nearly 20 men, who for the want of a better word, can only be described as Neanderthals. For …

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Jun 24

A Baby in a Bore-well – India’s claim to shame

The innocuously sounding ‘bore-well’ represents a well of 4 1/2″, to 12″ in diameter drilled into the earth for the purpose of retrieving water. A bore well is cased in the region of loose subsoil strata that is open either in hard rock or in crystalline rock. The depth of a bore well can vary …

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Dec 20


Yesterday after a brief visit to the conference room, when I walked back to my seat, I was surprised to see a tender coconut delicately placed on my desk with a straw as well, to enable yours truly to enjoy a refreshingly healthy drink! A post-it attached to the shell read “Take care and enjoy …

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