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May 29

Beer For Life

THE BEER SONG   Draw deep from a glistening bottle to celebrate that perfect kiss Steadily down yet another one to mourn a near miss; Washing away remorse and repentance with a tower of Heineken Let your hair down and hit the floor as the party has just begun Bottoms up for the sorrow, nice …

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May 28


THE NOSE STUD Through the wisps and tendrils of curling cigarette smoke While I inhale deeply readying myself for the inevitable future choke; The ground beneath my feet suddenly goes shock still as though my legs are bound by muck or mud As the ethereal connect is made with a tiny glimmering nose stud    …

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Dec 29


 My reason to sleep is a purpose to rid you of the cobwebs of neglect Lying in a calm repose I imploringly appeal in silence to all and one Even through pain and grief I have all along led you people to deeply reflect Rest not you conscience keepers, for there is much work left …

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Jun 15

The Song of the UPA

The greatest rock & roll phenomenon of the 21st Century has to be the UPA. With an unflinching aim of rocking an entire economy by rolling back every possible reform, this is a Party that has redefined the word ‘mismanagement’. Even a damning report issued by a reputed credit agency threatening to downgrade India’s rating …

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Oct 08

The Journey Through A Book

How indescribable is the pleasure that one derives from reading a book, For a truly passionate one touches the heart’s every cranny and nook; Paroxysms of emotions compete with one another, as the reader sails the pages, As characters waft through at a frenetic pace, some of whom he adores, while some he disparages.   …

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Oct 05


With a smile radiant like a brilliant sunshine and a face astonishingly divine, Twin pearls for eyes, so mischievous and sparkling with life as they shyly look into mine; Perched on a bicycle, with a little ball clutched in a raised fist and ready for a mighty fling, That was the first sight I had …

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Oct 05


A sacred land inhabited by a staggering billion who live in peace and harmony, Though this fabric of brotherhood is at times tainted by blood and gore of communal acrimony; A place where blazing temple lights, lilting hymns from mosques and toll of church bells heralds the beginning of every day; This enviable unity amidst …

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