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People of this ilk are born perhaps once in a multitide of generations. Harbingers of change and apostles of aspirations


JONAH LOMU – RUGBY’S ORIGINAL MAN OF STEEL In a tumultuous world characterized by unimpeded change, sport remains a perennial constant. An equilibrium that (albeit temporarily) effaces the mundane gloom and misery that is the preserve of every human being. One need not even be a beacon of knowledge for appreciating a particular sport. The …

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Simply Steve – The end of an era

  “I want to put a ding in the universe.” – Steve Jobs My mother’s latest obsession is unceasingly playing the universal rage that is “Angry Birds” on her iPad. Though she maneuvers the gadget with incredulous dexterity she has very little clue of who is or who might have been Steve Jobs. I am …

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