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There is a bleak possibility that you might find your funny bone here! Don't be overtly optimistic though!

Combed Out

These days I seem to have unconsciously developed an ability to conjure up dreams which at the least could be described as ‘strange’. I thought of using the word ‘weird’ instead of strange, but upon little deliberation concluded that the latter word would serve the purpose just fine without distorting the context or doing injustice …

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A Trainee Accountant and His Glossary Of Terms

As is the hall-mark of any profession, an organisation that is a teeming hub of trainee accountants (also called articled clerks), is characterized by its own inimitable share of terms and phrases,at once unique and uncanny. These ingenious phrases coined by many a sharp acumen have been perfected, refined and modified over many years and …

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Physiotherapy – A Peculiar Science and A Painful Art

Physiotherapy is that branch of medicine which is singularly unique and painfully peculiar. It is a form of grave but legitimised torture which is subtly masked by the clever and thoughtful usage of terms such as ‘promotion of mobility’; ‘restoration of functional ability’; ‘enhancing the quality of life’; and ‘physical intervention’. But for the term …

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My Mother, Missing Baggage and A Menacing Monster

Etiquette is not a word to be employed neither leniently nor loosely. It signifies the set of unwritten, unavoidable quintessential tenets that characterize the norms of social and cultural interaction in civilized societies. While an involuntary act of coming to the aid of a geriatric struggling to retrieve her bulky luggage from a staid baggage …

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Marvels of literature and auto rickshaws – A unique combination

When the immortal Robert Louis Stevenson wrote “The difficulty of literature is not to write, but to write what you mean”, he may easily have been thinking with clairvoyance, way ahead into the future in general and inscriptions on the back of the ubiquitous auto rickshaws in Bangalore in particular!! One needs to just spend …

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