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The true function of a writer is to produce a masterpiece and no other task is of any consequence. - Cyril Connolly

‘On Pietersen’ – Tribute to a Flawed Genius

Kevin Peter Pietersen’s life both on and off the sacred turf has been a confluence of contradictory ‘Os’. A febrile blend of outrageous talent, outlandish makeovers, outstanding athleticism and an outspoken personality colluded to make this mercurial cricketer one of England’s best ever talent. However the one defining ‘O’ that has continued to hang over …

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“Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki” and Haruki Murakami – When the Atypical becomes Typical

“The oblique paradox of propaganda is that the lie in the throat becomes, by repetition, the truth in the heart.” John Grierson Haruki Murakami’s latest and most eagerly anticipated offering “Colorless Tsuruku Tazaki and His Years Of Piligrimage”, is a hollow disappointment, a meek concoction of reluctant whorls and a flawed attempt at replicating expected …

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“SOMME” by Martin Gilbert – A story on a battle that warns humanity never to engage in one

Martin Gilbert, arguably one of the most respected and revered historians of our time, sets down in a compelling and cathartic evocation, the foibles, frenzy and fate surrounding one of the most scarred battles engaged in by humanity against humanity. The tellingly decisive battle of Somme was also chillingly known for the humongous quantum of …

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Bring on the Apocalypse 6 Arguments for Global Justice – George Monbiot

This extremely provocative, controversial and almost incendiary compilation of essays provide the reader a glimpse into the incontrovertible views and beliefs of the author with respect to nature, armed conflicts, divinity, monetary factors, power and culture. Each essay is in the form of an argument that tears into various propagated beliefs nursed, nurtured and popularized …

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