Category: Tiny Tot Time

A humble and possibly futile attempt to keep tiny tots engaged and in the process also lend them a semblance of amusement! Maybe an endeavour to bring out the child in every man as well!

Annika and the Blue Bouncy Rubber Ball

I am a bouncy blue rubber ball rolling on the floor Annika please pick me up but don’t throw me out the door If you want to see me bounce, fling me against the wall I will keep coming back to you whenever you call   You can watch me coming down if you throw …

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The Ice-cream Van

My first rustic attempt at creating a nursery rhyme. Here goes:   With four wheels and a musical horn, I am the ice-cream van Come with me lovely children and clap if you can; I have something for every little boy and every little girl Cups filled with cream and a cone with a chocolate …

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