• Sumo

A rudderless boat caught in a gale storm with no shore in sight

Leaving the boatman to rant and rue over his dire plight

Trying to flee misfortune only to land in calamity’s hands

The soul desperately struggles to hold onto faith’s last strands.


Every gleam of light is but a laughing mirage of cruel deceit

Every approaching bank turns out to be devious water in shapely surfeit

Every rising wave that slams into the receptacle with malevolent force

Every whistling sound of the storm that resembles veritable death throes.


Is this the price which genuine and pure passion has to pay?

Other than the merciless slaughtering of innocence is there no other way?

Do the hopes sprouting within tender hearts need to be rend asunder?

Is the expectation of togetherness in itself humanity’s greatest blunder?


Fie upon a society that clings to mores archaic and medieval

Curse upon mankind which makes impossible, even kindred survival

As the mighty waves finally wash over the heads of the figures in the sinking boat

It’s the very shameful crucible of mankind that drowns unable to float.



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