• Sumo

 My reason to sleep is a purpose to rid you of the cobwebs of neglect

Lying in a calm repose I imploringly appeal in silence to all and one

Even through pain and grief I have all along led you people to deeply reflect

Rest not you conscience keepers, for there is much work left to be done


The Gods were mute witnesses to the doings of a rampant and rusty rod

As the Devils wielding the iron were allowed a cruelly free run

Please do not allow my memory to be trampled upon and trod

The illumination from the flame of my still heart has only just begun


The time to act is now and to act in great prudence and haste

Time to make it safe and a time to look at a woman with purity and pride

To prevent another mother or an innocent daughter to be laid to undignified waste

Assure me that brutality and barbarism would not be taken in your stride


I am the beginning, the beginning of a hope uncontained

I am a beautiful song, upon whose melodies will the future of a nation lie

I am the fountain of courage which flows through untrammeled and untamed

I am the voice of every woman, the face of every woman – I am NIRBHAY

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    • indra on December 29, 2012 at 2:34 pm
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    A nice tribute. keep writing and i shall read. Indra (@indra_doc)

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