Jun 07

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The Age Of Absurdity: Why Modern Life Makes It Hard To Be Happy – Michael Foley

The modern world is all about conformity. A conformity to material trappings, a conformity to rigid norms, a stereotypical conformity with behaviour forming part of the zeitgeist of the age. The very gestalt of life has become a compliance with conformity. This is so very absurd, that it has become fashionable to conform to absurdity itself! Anyone left behind this herd bandwagon is deemed to be an outcast, imbecile, pariah or a social and cultural misfit. Michael Foley in this remarkably entertaining book sets out the straitjacket into which we willingly place ourselves with an objective of being recognised if not revered and at least well regarded even if not respected. Marveling at the extent to which we are prepared to torture and torment ourselves just to ape and mimic the so-called “celebrity culture”, Foley in an engaging and humourous way illustrates to us the perils of being enmeshed in the web of possession and cravings.

Foley also goes on to provide practical solutions to the evils of accumulation by taking recourse to a novel combination of Buddhism, neuroscience and philosophy. There are pages which lead us to involuntarily cackle aloud with benevolent laughter. Hence beware of reading “The Age of Absurdity” in public places. But then again why bow down to the constraints and rigours of conformity? I would suggest that everyone reads this book in the most public of places and lets out surprising, annoying and unconventional bouts of guffaws!

Although it is impossible to become a Buddha by merely reading “The Age of Absurdity”, it is definitely possible to develop a totally refreshing state of mind!

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