Oct 08

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The Journey Through A Book

How indescribable is the pleasure that one derives from reading a book,

For a truly passionate one touches the heart’s every cranny and nook;

Paroxysms of emotions compete with one another, as the reader sails the pages,

As characters waft through at a frenetic pace, some of whom he adores, while some he disparages.


Wishing to get from an adorable lady in the tale, a gentle caress on his cheek,

While furrowing his brow in anger at a wicked wonder, terming the character to be morally meek;

Sitting up erect with taut nerves as an impending catastrophe plays on his fears,

Unwillingly dotting the pages, as a tragedy unfolds, with his unabashed tears.


Involuntarily egging on his hero who bravely embarks on yet a new endeavour,

Embracing the protagonist’s ecstasies, and manfully sharing his elegies, never allowing his spirits to waver;

Feeling a pang of jealousy, as his girl looks bashfully into the eyes of a lover,

He crushes with trembling fingers, the pages of her romantic interludes, as if it were a poisonous flower.


Quivering with uncontrolled temper, at an act of blatant sin,

Applauding with immense glee, a chivalrous act, and wishing the good soul well from within;

Totally letting himself be carried away in the author’s figment of imagination,

Living the roles, and for a few minutes, even refuting to being hoodwinked by a masterly fabrication.


As whole new vistas unfurl, and tempt him to experience them all,

The bait becomes irresistible and into their unexplored domain does he fall;

Sometimes he is caught in an angry tempest, in the form of an ungodly gale;

While at times he tenderly floats, in breezes ferrying him across many a beautiful vale.


Coursing through triumphs and tribulations galore, with a bated breath he nears the end,

Flying through the pages, with a racing pulse, visualizing in his mind’s eye the unknown fortunes of a foe or a friend;

As his epic escapades conclude leaving him drained and breathless, he sits as still as a resting brook;

Wondering aloud to himself, how indescribable is the pleasure that one derives from reading a book

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maniacal penchant for books, more books, still more books and lot more books - When I am not watching cricket that is! Love my Scotch and scribble for fun!

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