• Sumo


Through the wisps and tendrils of curling cigarette smoke

While I inhale deeply readying myself for the inevitable future choke;

The ground beneath my feet suddenly goes shock still as though my legs are bound by muck or mud

As the ethereal connect is made with a tiny glimmering nose stud 


Oblivious to the myriad cries that echoes from a bustling street

Impervious to stubborn horns and cars roaring by in a fleet;

A curious song of deafening silence courses through my blood

My very consciousness is enveloped in the power of a glittering nose stud 


Unaffected by the blinding rays of an angry sun perched in the sky

Unmindful of the forbidding dark overhang of clouds that ominously gather high;

A cascade of shackled emotions rips within like a rampaging flood

I am forced to surrender to the vice like grip of a minuscule nose stud


Sultry days are spent in a daze while starry nights are for waking dreams

The world is but a mere maze of crisscrossing emotional beams;

Every solitary beat of an impatient heart is one heavy thud

As my solace, solitude, sin, God and Ghost all are captured in a mesmerizing and mocking NOSE STUD.  

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