The Song of the UPA

  • Sumo

The greatest rock & roll phenomenon of the 21st Century has to be the UPA. With an unflinching aim of rocking an entire economy by rolling back every possible reform, this is a Party that has redefined the word ‘mismanagement’. Even a damning report issued by a reputed credit agency threatening to downgrade India’s rating to junk has not been able to faze the Emperors of this sinking ship. The primary band members of this phenomenon are of course Soniaji; Rahulji, Mukherjee, Banerjee & 2G!

Being a rock & roll band it is but obvious that there ought to be an anthem to ensure the preservation of the legacy of the band long after the band itself has gone extinct. So here goes the immortal anthem of the UPA:

SONG OF THE Unwittingly Pulled Apart (UPA)

Reforms mean nothing to us as we give them all a collective slam-dunk

We will never rest in peace until the economy is rated junk;

Straining every muscle and sinew, we churn out scam after scam

A smile will never crease our face until every sector is in a log jam

We are the UPA and so we proudly scream; Put your hands together for the roll back team (Chorus)

Coalition politics has completely torn us apart

Progressive measures come to an end before they can even start;

All that we consistently do is to tinker with the price of petrol

Masters of policy mismanagement, we are all confused Czars on a veritable roll

We are the UPA and so we proudly scream; Ruining the prospects of this great nation is our singular dream (Chorus)

Redefining the meaning of the word “Commonwealth”

We have played to perfection ‘games’ of deadly stealth;

Our illustrious party members alternate between the House of Parliament and the the confines of Tihar jail

Charges of corruption pour down upon us in an unceasing hail

We are the UPA and so we proudly scream; All is hunky-dory with us and we glitter and gleam  (Chorus)

The mother of all scams in 2G is an enviable feather in our cap to boot

While ‘Coalgate’ tarnishes our image and blackens our faces with soot;

With our demonic tax policies we will make companies cough out all that they earn and own

Constantly whispering in the ears of business leaders the dreaded word that is “Vodafone”

We are the UPA and so we proudly scream; When it comes to being unpopular we are the creme-de-la-creme  (Chorus)

We do all it takes to get the fiscal deficit to take off and soar

Letting loose the lion of inflation and making it rumble and roar;

It is only a matter of time before we ensure that the term ‘Rupee’ no longer means  money

Trying our best to be an utter laughing stock and also making India look terribly funny

We are the UPA and so we proudly scream; So what if a nation wishes that by the year 2014 we are totally unseen (Chorus)



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